Not only is the PDH journey a humble one, but it is just as full of hope as it is of suffering. That, however, is the nature of humanitarian work and it is therefore hoped that your visit to this site may be just as evocative as it is memorable. PDH would like to both welcome and thank you for taking the time to listen to our story.
The Promotion and Human Development (PDH) centre in Lomé, Togo, Western Africa was established on the 15th of February, 1999 by Antoine Dzakas. Since then, our undeniably petite organisation has somehow managed to transcend the restrictions imposed by our extremely limited financial and material resources. Consequently, we have succeeded in providing health, dignity and hope to hundreds of local Togolese residents.

The story of PDH is a humble one. Perched on the red dusty sands of Togo's capital, the PDH centre strives to cater for the needs of those who come from one of the poorest regions on earth.

As for our staff, we have four locals working full-time, one part-time and an array of local and international volunteers who come and go, each taking with them experiences that, it would seem, could never be forgotten…