This section addresses the array of questions that those considering volunteering at PDH may have, particularly in regards to our program fees. As you will discover below, the upfront and honest policy of PDH has nothing to hide from you.

Why the “compulsory donation”?
Humanitarian projects don’t come much smaller than PDH. Last year, our entire budget totaled no more than 3000 Euros! This is no exaggeration. To cut a long story short, PDH survives entirely on a shoe-string budget of donations that trickles in dribs and drabs from a handful of individual, non-corporate sponsors in the UK. As a result, our funds often run dry and in such times we are forced to send people away from our centre, without the aid that they are seeking. The aim of this “compulsory donation” of 150 Euros is therefore to ensure the availability of funds, and hence humanitarian relief, in times where our funds would otherwise dry up.

Why must I pay for food and accommodation?
As mentioned above, PDH survives entirely on a shoe-string budget of donations that arrives intermittently from a handful of individual, non-corporate sponsors in the UK and other countries from which we have received volunteers. As a result, we don't have the means to feed and accommodate any Westerners wishing to come and help us. This is the case for most humanitarian projects.

Secondly, by requesting this weekly fee of 30 Euros, which is in fact very reasonable considering you will that you be fed and lodged like a King, we are obviously discouraging those looking for a free holiday in Togo.

When do I have to pay these fees?
You will be expected to pay the accommodation and compulsory donation fees within a few days of your arrival in Togo.

So where does my money go?
Firstly, your weekly fee of 30 Euros. This amount, in its entirety, will go to your host family. They will use this to provide you a single, clean room, three meals a day (vegetarians are OK!) and to pay your electricity. Please understand that this money cannot cover additional snacks or drinking water (these are both regarded as luxuries by most Togolese). Yet for only 2 Euros, you may purchase a weeks supply of safe, packaged mineral water (insist on "Voltic" available in cheap plastic sachets).

Secondly, your compulsory donation of 150 Euros. This money, in its entirety goes into our project fund. Please continue below.

How does PDH spend its budget?
From our project funds, PDH deducts monthly:

€ 150  Work related expenses
This covers fuel for our scooter, taxi fares, electricity, office supplies and communications costs such as email and mobile phone charges.
Total € 150

The remaining funds are then divided as follows:
30%   High-energy foods
20%   Drugs and vitamins
25%   Set-up costs provided to hawkers and peddlers
25%   Cash handouts provided to those in need. This money is often for hospital and drug costs.
Total 100%

Incidentally, PDH has no advertising costs to pay as our website was built and is managed and promoted by volunteers.

How many Westerners volunteers work at PDH?
Although PDH is a small organisation it can place up to 10 volunteers at a time. Your accommodation will be either at the centre or with a host family, either way all the volunteers stay very near to each other.