French is the official language of Togo and we believe this country may be of enormous interest or benefit to students studying French as a second language. PDH's volunteer program allows such students to improve their French by undertaking humanitarian work that will assure them frequent exposure to the target language. Students in this manner may "kill two birds with one stone". That is to say, here is an opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause whilst tremendously boosting your progression as a foreign language student.

Although the French in Togo is often spoken with a charming African accent and rhythm, most people in Togo pay particular attention to the manner in which they use this language - perhaps more so than many native speakers from Europe. The result of this is very often a concise, disciplined and grammatically correct language that every French language student should aspire to.

The people in this country are extremely friendly and helpful and this country will no doubt enchant you should you decide to come and visit. Furthermore, the extremely cheap cost of living in Togo in conjunction with the affordable nature of our volunteer program make such an adventure all the more attainable for students.