This section is dedicated to our volunteers who are preparing to leave their home country. Please read the following information carefully as it is designed to eliminate any unnecessary surprises upon your arrival.

Obtaining cheap air tickets
The PDH team will meet you at your arrival airport and take you to the centre from there.

The major expense involved for most of our volunteers is the price of the air ticket. The following websites often have cheaper fares when travelling to Togo, depending on the duration of your stay and your dates of travel.

From Europe
Conider flying from Paris, Orly du sud, often a lot cheaper. It is also easy and sometimes cheaper to fly into Accra, Ghana which is only a 2 hour bus ride from Lomé.

Flying into Lomé
• Royal Air Maroc
• Ethiopian Airlines
• Air Africayah
• Air Afrique

From US (Look at flying into Ghana, Accra, connections in London)
• British Airways
• Royal Air Maroc
• Continental

For most residents outside of the European Union it would be best to book a return or an around-the-world ticket that stops in either London or Paris. An around-the-world ticket is a great option as this enables you to make the most of such an adventure by stopping over in other countries that may be of interest. From either London or Paris, you will need to purchase an additional fare to Lomé in Togo (airport code LFW). Lomés airport is served by Air France and Air Afrique which flies direct from Paris and Ethiopian Airlines, which fly from London via Ethiopia, also serve Lomé. Our best advice is that you must shop
around in order to obtain the cheapest ticket. You could also try and email travel agents in Paris and London in order to compare the prices of tickets to Lomé with those quoted in your home country.

What to do before coming:

  • Obtain suitable travel insurance
  • Visit a doctor for travel injections (including yellow fever) and anti-malaria advice
  • Convert your money into Euro traveller cheques or plan to withdraw cash from your VISA card at the banks in Lomé (obtaining cash from the VISA bank machine seems to be the best way of avoiding the 7% commission and lengthy queues)
  • Make two photocopies of your traveller cheques, receipts, air tickets and passport. Bring one copy for PDH and leave the other copy at home
  • Obtain and international drivers licence if planning to drive here
  • Provide friends or relatives with our contact details


What to bring to Togo:

  • Light, breathable clothing suitable for the tropics
  • Personal insect repellent containing DEET
  • Anti-malaria medication (if you decide to take some) Note, you can buy Safarine in Togo (€ 12.50 per month) which is very cheap and as good as Western medication
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Anti-diarrhoea and vomiting medication in case of stomach problems
  • Personal antiseptic
  • Condoms. We are not kidding! You never know what may happen and the local varieties are not of a high-quality
  • Multi-vitamin tablets if worried about a sudden change of diet
  • Any personal items that you suspect may be difficult to buy in a poor, developing
  • A map or guide book of Togo
  • Cell Phone – You can easily get a sim card here and cell phones are very cheap to operate in Togo. Also very useful for keeping in touch with everyone back home as there are no additional charges for receiving international calls or messages. It is also cheap to text internationally from cell phones. There are many telephone kiosks (called cabines in Togo) where you can make international calls very reasonably.
  • A digital camera is particularly useful not only for working at PDH but for visiting. Make sure you bring the cable to upload photos onto the computer at the centre – Antoine likes to update photos of staff members regularly.
  • Presents – Small souvenirs for your host family and small and cheap games and toys for the children.