OK. The fact that you have even bothered to enter this section already demonstrates that you are somebody who actually cares about the widespread suffering that effects most people in Africa, and indeed, the planet. Right now you are probably wondering how on earth you could possibly make a real difference in regards to such an immense problem. Make no mistake; you CAN make a difference and it all starts here. PDH desperately needs your help. We need you, in person, in Togo. Rest assured, as somebody who wants to help us, you have a lot more to offer to the struggling people of Togo than you could possibly realise.

Our volunteer program is open, flexible and challenging. There are no fixed starting dates nor are there any minimum stays. Most importantly, our fees are extremely affordable in comparison to those of other organisations.

As an international volunteer of PDH, you are going to enjoy all the privileges of working for a small, dedicated organisation that will not only take your welfare very seriously, but also listen keenly to your ideas that we will strive to integrate into our daily affairs. You too will become an essential part of this humble humanitarian venture that strives to ease the suffering of the local community - a pain that is a real, tangible story of human tragedy that you too will confront, deal with and overcome on a daily basis.

PDH will place you in a host family that will provide your accommodation and three meals per day. Your days at PDH are long and will begin at 6:45 am and will end at 5:30 pm. However you will break for a 3 hours at noon and you will be encouraged to go home for lunch and the daily siesta .

During your hours at PDH you will be involved in a variety of tasks that will place you in direct contact with our patients. To learn more about the nature of this work, including a description of a typical day's work, please click here for the "Our Response" section of the site. PDH does not work on weekends.

To express your interest for our volunteer program please write to us and inform us of your intended arrival and length of stay. Please allow us at least one week to respond to you as our humble organisation has a vey limited internet connection!

email: pdh_volontaires@yahoo.fr

All volunteers must understand that Togo is a French speaking country and that it will be very hard to get by without having at least an elementary grip of the language. That said, however, Lomé is also the perfect place to learn or improve your French if you need to do so.