This section addresses the array of questions that those considering donating to PDH may have brimming in their minds. As you will discover below, the upfront and honest policy of PDH has nothing to hide from you.
So where does my money go?
Your donation, in its entirety goes into our project fund managed by the Banque Togolaise de Développement (BTD). From this project pool, PDH deducts monthly:

€ 150  Work related expenses
This covers fuel for our scooter, taxi fares, electricity, office supplies and communications costs such as email and mobile phone charges.
Total € 150

The remaining funds are then divided as follows:
30%   High-energy foods
20%   Drugs and vitamins
25%   Set-up costs provided to hawkers and peddlers
25%   Cash handouts provided to those in need. This money is often for hospital and drug costs.
Total 100%

Note that nobody at present receives any salary at PDH. Our entire team consists of local and international volunteers. PDH has no advertising costs to pay as our website was built and is managed and promoted by volunteers.

How much money does PDH have?
Humanitarian projects don’t come much smaller than PDH. Last year, our entire budget totaled no more than 3000 Euros! This is no exaggeration. This year, things are a slightly better. We have been guaranteed a monthly budget of 300 Euros by our sole, private donator in the UK. To cut a long story short, PDH depends entirely on this shoe-string budget of donations that trickles in dribs and drabs from a handful of individual, non-corporate sponsors in the UK. As a result, our funds often run dry and in such times we are forced to send people away from our centre, without the aid that they are seeking. PDH is therefore desperate to generate funds – we have nothing to hide.

How do I know that this is not a scam?
Obviously, you cannot believe everything you read on the internet. You, as somebody who has worked very hard for their money have every right to question the authenticity of our plea for funds. In reality however, PDH is a tin-shed established four years ago by a team of locals who have never left Togo. Furthermore, our total budget last year totaled a meager 3000 Euros and we remain completely unheard of in the Western World. As a result, we cannot supply you with a newspaper or press article that affirms what a terrific and honest aid organisation we are.

Naturally, a lot of trust is required on your behalf should you decide to part with your hard earned funds and send them to a supposed desperate humanitarian project in Togo.

What could $100 US do for PDH?
Here is a quick breakdown of some of the typical expenditures of PDH.

(Prices in US dollars)
$30    A 50 kilo bag of rice
$10    Annual school fees for a child
$10    A year’s supply of basic school materials
$20    A supply of medicine and visit to the doctor
$45    A cesarean birth in the local hospital
$100  A year’s rent for a single bedroom home
$30    The purchase of assorted goods to establish a roadside store
$10    A weeks worth of food and medicine for an AIDS victim

Can I help PDH without sending any money?
Yes, of course you can!

Visit our "To offer non-financial support" section to learn how.

Can I come and visit PDH in Togo?

Yes, of course you can! Togo is a perfectly safe and charming country that promises to enchant every visitor. Naturally you will need to write to us first to inform us of your intended visit. Please understand that the PDH team has a very limited English ability as French is the official language of Togo. Should you decide to come and visit us though, we will do everything possible to help you.

"Click here" for some pre-departure advice.