We at PDH are well aware that many of you who would like to help us cannot, due to your own financial limits. There are, however, various alternatives to sending money that can greatly benefit the humanitarian work of PDH.

Tell people about us
PDH cannot afford to advertise so you can help us to increase our international profile by telling your friends and family about us. The more people that know about PDH, the greater our support network - it's that simple. You may also know somebody who is in a position that can greatly aid us by promoting our cause. An example may be a university lecturer from the Faculty of Social Studies, a local priest or a travel agent. Such individuals meet many people on a day to day basis and they may in fact be able to refer future interest to our organisation in this manner. You could provide such people with a newsletter or poster from the download corner, or our web address:

Download and print our posters
This site features a download corner which stores posters and desktop backgrounds. You can download and print these items in order to promote our organisation in relevant locations around your town or city eg. cafés, churches and universities.

A West-African Dinner Party for PDH
You can help PDH raise funds by conducting something as pleasant and as innovative as a "West-African Dinner Party for PDH" at your home. You could invite your friends and family over for an evening of West-African cuisine, music and culture. You could then pass a hat around at the end of the night for donations.

Pray for us
For those of you who are religious, you will know the value of prayer that money simply cannot buy. Please remember us in your prayers as everyone's spiritual faith is integral to the work that we carry out here.