Below is a desciption of our working philosophy, followed by a typical day's work at PDH, written for any future volunteers wishing to learn about PDH functions.

PDH has an open-door and non-discriminatory philosophy that strives to help anyone in need, regardless of their status or condition. That means that all sorts of people come to our centre in order to relate their difficulties: those suffering from AIDS, HIV, illnesses or varying degrees of poverty, the unemployed, orphans, children in need and victims of abuse or family problems. Our humanitarian efforts are thus unique because we are able to help those in need on a personal, one-to-one basis.

6.45am – Start work

7.00am – Morning meeting:
The day’s activities are assigned visits to each volunteer, whether that be a VAD, VAH or ES. (Visite à domicile (Home visit), Visite à l’hopitâl (Hospital visit), or an enquête social (Investigation)). Any outastanding reports fromthe previous day will also be read.

8.00am – 8.30 am – Meeting ends with votes on the proposals made after each report. For example, this may be voting in order to determine whether or not to give money to a patient wishing to start a small shop in order to generate income, or for a sick person needing hospital fees etc.

8.30am – 12pm – Visits carried out. On the return each pair of “agents” compiles their reports.

12.00pm – 3.00pm – Lunch/Siesta

3pm - 5pm - (Optional)
This is not compulsory for international volunteers, however there is always work at the centre if you chose to participate. There are also a few afternoons a month that children’s groups take place which volunteers are eager to get involved with.

Note – There will also be some administration tasks during the day as well.